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I also view public sculptures commissioned and maintained by society as reflecting the values it supports or will, at least, tolerate. These opinions have drawn my curiosity to independently research the relationship between public art and modern society’s complex cultural terrain.

May, 2021

Immigration on Art

Apr, 2021

Who’s Public Art

Mar, 2021

May I Be Included (Inclusion)

Nov, 2020

Artistic Value In Peoria (Published)

Oct, 2020

Artistic Value (Published)

Sep, 2020

The Importance of Public Art

Aug, 2020

Statues View today in Russian Society (Published in Russian)

Jul, 2020

The Cultural Context of Felled Statue of Lenin in Kharkiv (Published in Russian)

Jun, 2020

The Current Destruction of Statues: The Baden-Powell Sculpture

May, 2020

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