Artist in Engineering


  • Employment in the field of engineer or engineering technology.
  • A portfolio is required of all applicants. The portfolio should indicate your primary interest, represent your best work, and demonstrate your abilities. At least half of the portfolio should consist of work completed in the last two years.
  • Applicants must submit an example of research in the subject of their specialization of fine arts.
  • Have a declared major in and been accepted into a fine arts program.
  • Students with the following enrollment statuses are eligible to apply:

    Current college students enter their junior or senior year at a 4-year undergraduate college and plan to enroll on a full-time basis. Preference will be given to full-time and rising junior students.


Private Industry

Scholarship Amount


Timing of Scholarships

The scholarship is paid over four years, provided renewal eligibility requirements are met. There is a maximum of two years of undergraduate and three years of graduate studies.


The Artist in Engineering Scholarship was established by a foundation of private corporations, a foundation dedicated to inspiring community artists and engaging corporations to invest in artists’ interdisciplinary educational achievement in engineering. This program will give one student the support they need to graduate from an undergraduate or graduate program, an educational opportunity they would not have access to otherwise. Additionally, the scholarship recipient is considered for internships by sponsoring corporate investors. By implementing this fine arts and engineering program, the foundation will directly address the technology education among artists and diversify high tech employment.