Packed in Box Stitch Down

Vulnerability is one of the most intimate and brave acts that humans perform. I wanted to explore a space that is a place of rest and intimacy. Rest is one of the most vulnerable actions we are required to perform as humans: unconscious, inactive, exposed––vulnerable.

When we wake, we leave our sleep, tears, sweat, skin, and hair tucked in our sheets, snapshots of our time embedded and sewn into a box-stitched down comforter.

and we continue on our journeys of daily tasks that add up to larger tasks that take the form of our lives.

Far too often we mistake our own softness with our plush sheets and leave it tucked within our pillows.

I have spent so much time packed in my own comforter, like a second skin, being vulnerable in front of it instead of myself, family, and friends. Finding the courage to be vulnerable has been difficult, but using things I love, like objects, helps me in bridging a connection between what I think it means to be human as well as relating to others through an object.